Medical Billing Analysis for Plaintiff & Defense Attorneys

Determine the usual, reasonable, and customary medical bill charges in a Personal Injury case using local area rates.

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    One of the most important items of damages in Automobile, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice cases are the cost of past and future medical bills. The team of MBA professionals can review the massive amounts of hospital, medical and therapy bills to determine the total cost of the plaintiff’s past medical bills and by performing a Cost Projection Analysis of future costs based on local CPT codes.

    MBA will compile an in-depth report by comparing submitted medical bills to a variety of benchmark fee schedules, market standard methodology and computer databases. We will provide a line-by-line review of all medical bills submitted to verify their validity. We perform specialized healthcare claims review and audit services to establish Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR) rates. Through meticulous analysis of medical charges, we can justify the reasonable cost of services which assists in resolving the case. We are your Nationwide Medical Cost Specialists.

    Figuring Out Medical Costs can be Complicated
    Obtain a Medical Billing Expert to Ensure “Fair and Reasonable” Costs in your Case

    Our Services

    expert witness reports
    Expert Witness Reports

    Our unparalleled reports are functional, comprehensive and in an understandable format. They contain:

    • Analysis of all medical bills
    • Summary of issues
    • Summary of process
    • Summary of opinions by the expert Medical Biller
    • Information considered in forming opinions (resource list)
    • Total charges billed
    • Total amount that exceeds UCR rates
    • Total recommended payment
    • Records reviewed
    • Medical terminology definitions
    insurance rebuttal letter
    Insurance Rebuttal Letter

    Many times when physicians submit bills for surgery or pain management procedures they perform, the bill is denied by the insurance company.

    MBA Billing Specialists can review the insurance policy, evaluate the CPT codes to make sure they are correct for the procedures and care provided by the physician, in addition to writing an authoritarian, rebuttal letter which will counteract the denial of benefits. As a result of our specialized service the physician will receive appropriate payment for the services they have provided.

    future cost projections
    Future Cost Projections

    Frequently attorneys are presented with future care recommendations by treating or consulting physicians. The problem for the attorney is how to quantify these recommendations.

    The MBA Billing Specialists can take the CPT Codes from the physician’s report and research the cost of the recommended care or surgery in the Plaintiff’s geographical area. We can provide you with the total cost of the recommended care, so you document the value of future medical damages.


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