How Can an Expert Witness Help Your Client’s Case?

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There are no two cases exactly alike.  Therefore, each case requires its own handling of facts that are relevant to the argument at hand.

The experts for each case are almost as varied as the types of lawsuits that exist.  The benefit of hiring an expert witness will vary from case to case and depends on whether the hiring party is the prosecution or the defense.

When you hire an expert witness, it means that you are calling in someone with a deep understanding of the case’s material to weigh in during litigation. Because having testimony from an expert witness can sway the outcome of a case, it is important to have a good one on your side if you choose to use one.

But what does having an expert witness mean, and what are their responsibilities in the case? In this article, we are going to discuss the utility of the many different types of expert witnesses, including Forensic Experts, Vocational Experts, Financial Experts, Medical Experts, Medical Billing Experts, and more. If you are considering including a professional who is an expert in their field giving testimony in the case, read on below for more information about using expert witnesses.

What does an Expert Witness do?

Expert witnesses are commonly brought into a case to explain exhibits or provide a perspective on a subject that a layperson would not normally know about. They testify in a trial in an area where they are knowledgeable and usually a working professional.

That is, as you know, what makes them an expert.  It is because they are knowledgeable about a subject that is “beyond the ken” of the average person.  Thus, anyone who has specialized knowledge in a particular field can testify as an expert.  

Also as you know, experts typically do not need to discuss the specific facts of the case.  Rather, experts speak in hypotheticals that touch upon but do not directly address the facts of a particular case.  

Advantages of Using Expert Witnesses

Aside from the fact that an expert professional will provide an extremely knowledgeable viewpoint in a case, there are other advantages to hiring an expert witness.

Experts have the credibility of experience. They deal with the subject matter they are discussing on a daily basis and are intimately familiar with it. They can offer the kind of insight a legal professional, or lay witness does not have.

Experts project an air of impartiality. Typically, experts have an ethical responsibility in their field of expertise.  Thus, a witness who must follow a code of ethics has credibility because he or she needs to be objective.

Experts provide a fresh perspective.  A lot of times, our confrontational justice system puts focus on the fight, rather than the facts.  Thus, expert witnesses can be very helpful to your case in re-focusing the judge or jury where the attention belongs – on the real facts and circumstances of the case.  Solid reasoning from an expert supersedes tons of passionate arguments every time.

Types of Expert Witnesses

There are multiple categories of experts who are typically asked to provide testimony in a case, and more than one can apply when you are dealing with a personal injury case.

1. Medical Expert Witness.  These are the most common types of experts called in for medical malpractice suits or personal injury suits. They have experience in the medical field and can speak to the severity of the injuries sustained or the degree of the malpractice which occurred.
2. Financial Expert Witness.  These are specialists who deal with money and may be called upon when there is an issue related to accounting or fraud.
3. Forensic Expert Witness.  These expert witnesses offer insight into the details and logistics of a case, often involving ballistics and blood spatter to determine how a crime occurred.
4. Vocational Expert.  This is someone who can weigh in on whether someone is able to resume their job duties and their capacity to do so.
5. Mental Health.  The capacities of a mental health expert witness are similar to a medical expert witness, but they are more likely to determine whether a person is stable enough to stand trial.

Let’s Talk Specifically About Medical Billing Experts

A Medical Billing Expert is someone who is somewhere between a Medical Expert and a Financial Expert, because they have to be familiar with details of both for their job.

Particularly in cases of personal injury, medical billing experts are called in to help establish a basis for the cost of medical treatment the plaintiff required and if there are any ongoing costs the responsible party needs to cover as part of the settlement.

Typically, a medical billing expert will review the hospital bills, insurance reimbursements, and medical records to provide a comprehensive analysis of whether the medical costs were reasonable, and whether they can be used to determine future costs.

Why You Need Medical Billing Analysts

It is highly recommended to hire a medical billing and reimbursement expert to determine and testify to the reasonable value of medical services. 

Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant in a case, one of the most important items in Automobile, Personal Injury, and Medical Malpractice cases is the cost of medical bills. Figuring out medical costs can be complicated, and expert guidance is critical to ensuring you have a clear understanding of what is “fair and reasonable” with regards to the finances involved in your medical care.

Medical Billing Analysts offers litigation support services nationwide, with offices in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Nevada & California. Medical Billing Analysts represent both defendants and plaintiffs with regard to improper medical billing and coding.

The team of MBA professionals will review the hospital, medical and therapy bills to determine the value of past medical expenses, and based on local CPT codes they can also perform a Cost Projection Analysis of future costs. Through meticulous analysis, we can justify the reasonable cost of services which assists in resolving the case. Contact Medical Billing Analysts by phone or email at 800-292-1919 or